Cassidy Nicosia arrested for going topless in public

Cassidy speaking with one of the arresting officers. Photo by Mike Barskey.

Photo by Mike Barskey.

On 2009-08-23, Cassidy Nicosia was arrested in Keene for going topless in public. She was charged with RSA 645:1, “Indecent Exposure and Lewdness.” This was a planned event to promote topless equality, following much discussion (1, 2) on the Free Keene forum, in which several men also went with no shirts. None of the men were arrested.

The arresting officer was Peter Bowers, along with Mike Kopcha and Christopher Simonds. During the incident, Bowers was notified via phone by Sgt. James Cemorelis that he had spoking with another Sergeant, James McLaughlin, and the Keene prosecutor, Attorney Chris McLaughlin, who had claimed that Cassidy was in violation of RSA 645:1. The ticket cited her for “knowingly perform[ing] an act of gross lewdness, under circumstances which she should have known would likely cause affront or alarm, to wit, walking down Main St. while exposing her breasts.”

The arraignment was originally scheduled for 2009-09-09 at 08:30 in Keene District Court, but on 2009-09-01, she was notified in a letter by the other Keene prosecutor, Eliezer Rivera, that the charges had been dropped.

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