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Ivy’s inspection sticker case: DISMISSED!

On 2009-09-14, part two of Ivy’s alleged fake inspection sticker trial was held. The trial lasted less than five minutes: Ivy began making numerous motions, which Judge MacLeod interrupted, explaining he was well familiar with the case, and that the chain of custody of the physical evidence had been tainted—so the case was dismissed. The judge didn’t seem too pleased about the fact that Huckins was standing in for Cunningham as the police prosecutor today, either—the excuse for her absence being that she was at a friend’s wedding(!).

More updates to follow.

Bill D.’s speeding ticket trial: NOT GUILTY

On 2009-04-04, Bill D. and a carful of activists were pulled over in New Hampton and ticketed for speeding.

The trial was held on 2009-09-02 at 13:00 in Laconia District Court. After an hour-long trial exasperating the prosecutor and making the cop look like a fool on the stand, Bill D. was found not guilty by the judge.

The video has been posted.

Ivy’s R.I. case: Governor’s Warrant signed, Ivy extradited

On 2009-08-20, Ivy Walker walked into the New Hampton Police Department of her own accord, and was notified that the Governor’s Warrant for her extradition to Rhode Island had been signed, whereupon she was arrested.

The arraignment took place on 2009-08-21 at 08:30 in Laconia District Court. Per RSA 612:10, the judge gave Rhode Island until Wednesday, 2009-08-26 to transport her back to Rhode Island, or the case would be brought up for review in Superior Court.

On 2009-08-25 at 13:00, Ivy was extradited to Rhode Island.

Ivy’s R.I. case: bail hearing, release

Ivy Walker’s bail reconsideration hearing held on 2009-06-11 in Laconia District Court was successful, and the judge, David O. Huot, released Ivy on $500 bail. After seven days in the Belknap County Jail on the extradition charge, due to arraigning judge Lucinda V. Sadler’s misreading of New Hampshire extradition law, and the incompetent extradition filings of the county attorney, Ivy was free.

Ivy’s R.I. case: bail and child custody filings

On 2009-06-10, Bill Walker filed motions for an immediate bail reconsideration hearing for Ivy in Laconia District Court, and an ex parte motion to intervene as an interested party in the custody dispute over Peter, in Plymouth Family Division court.

The bail hearing was scheduled for 2009-06-11 at 13:00 in Laconia District Court, and was successful: Ivy has been released. The hearing on the custody dispute was scheduled for 2009-06-15 at 15:00 in Plymouth, and was also successful: Peter has been returned to Ivy.

Ivy’s R.I. case: arraignment, impoundment, raid

Ivy Walker’s arraignment for yesterday’s arrest was held on 2009-09-05 at 09:00 in Laconia District Court. Bill Walker was not allowed to appear as counsel for her. She was denied bail; after the arraignment she was returned to the Belknap County Jail pending extradition to Rhode Island. See Jailed Activist Info for more information about her incarceration.

Later in the day, her vehicle, still in impound, was searched; shortly thereafter, the Bristol and State Police raided the restaurant and seized her laptop and printer.

The extradition hearing and trial for her New Hampshire charges is currently scheduled for 2009-07-06. For her Rhode Island charges, a pre-trial conference is scheduled for 2009-07-19 in Rhode Island.

Ivy arrested on Rhode Island felony charges

Ivy Walker was stopped at 18:35 on 2009-06-04 at a speed trap on Route 104 in New Hampton, and arrested when it was discovered that she had a warrant out in Rhode Island. Her pistol and two allegedly fake inspection stickers were seized from the truck, which was impounded.

She was held overnight at the Belknap County Jail, and not allowed to communicate with anyone on the outside world. The arraignment was held on 2009-06-05 in Laconia District Court.

Bill D., carful of activists, pulled over at speedtrap

On 2009-04-04 at about 19:00, Bill D. and a carful of activists were stopped at a speedtrap on Route 104 in New Hampton on the way to a party at Ivy’s restaurant in Bristol. Bill was cited for going 60 mi/h in a 40-mi/h zone, a violation of RSA 265:60.

The hour-long trial finally took place on 2009-09-02 at 13:00 in Laconia District Court, and Bill was found not guilty.

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