The New Hampshire Courtroom Legal Opposition Group (NH-CLOG) is an organization set up by New Hampshire liberty activists in order to aid other activists in their legal defense against the State to the fullest extent possible. We educate activists on the ins and outs of the court system and related byzantia, how to represent someone in court without being an actual attorney-at-law (lawyer), provide easy access to copies of form blanks for activists to use, and sometimes blog about interesting or important cases we’ve fought or helped someone else fight.

NH-CLOG was founded on February 11, 2009, the final day in Sharon “Ivy” Ankrom’s Right-to-Travel trial in Manchester District Court.

We are currently working on revamping the site and relaunching it with new, up-to-date content. Stay tuned for more! For now, you can check out a sister project some of our members have started in Grafton County, the Lower Grafton County Prosecutorial Association.

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